Practeeeez πŸ’¨

Sharing our faith is one of our duties #100DaysSharingoffaith

A good start of the day πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ƒ

I miss this guy (gay) beside me, my all the time seatmate 😏

#TB #ranchresort sun kissed skin

I need a break!

Ohhh im so occupied like daaah i want to take a break! This is just too much for me to handle and I need someone who can make me strong. Let’s say that im emotionally hurt for what I just knew and seen. Kanang baga kaayog nowng ba dira juds imong atubangan mag biga-biga!!! For frogs sake ing’ana jud sha ka obvious nga ge gamit ra niyang babae to make a scene and wait for my reaction! I don’t even care what they do. His just so immature freak! *Second, my head is occupied with things, I just can’t stop thinking the way mom acts with me, the way dad chats with me and he keeps talking with the Allah thing this is just too much! Im also exhausted with the people in binhi live, their so imature and childish! Doesn’t knows the RESPECT word!

#Selfiee insans 😘😘😘

I never expected this drawing will come and it’s amazing. Thanks Francis Mejia 😘

CSDT Create Special Dance Together ⭐

Drama to it 🌟